InWave - Clinical-grade stimulator

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The InWave is a clinical-grade stimulator that can also be used for patient home training due to its simple operation and built-in safety features that ensure patient protection at all times. Default
settings are optimized for treatment of OAB/Urge, but the InWave also incorporates protocols for Stress and Mixed UI. Each protocol has a choice of three work/rest periods. It’s easy to select the exact protocol you want.

Patients training with both stimulation and biofeedback can use the same (SenseRx) sensors.

  • 3 Programmed Modes; (Stress, Urge, Mixed)
  • 9 Pre-Programmed Modes
  • Large Display with Back Light
  • Built-In Treatment Timer
  • Compliance Meter
  • Made in the USA

Product No. 4509C (Vaginal) and 4510C (Anal/Small Vaginal)

SenseRx sensors are the only internal sensors with extensive documentation of clinical efficacy and have been cited in numerous medical texts and peer-reviewed journal articles. With the best “fit & finish” of any internal sensor, these remain the Quality Standard. Internal sensors make the most faithful measurements of EMG, since they most directly contact the pelvic floor muscles.

Their longitudinal (lengthwise, not circular) detection electrodes maintain the proper orientation to muscle fibers for the highest accuracy. Because they are self-seating, SenseRx sensors can be patient-inserted and patients can remain fully clothed during treatments. Can be used for both EMG and pelvic floor stimulation.

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