mTrigger Mobile Biofeedback System

Style: Individual - 1 mTrigger device Charging cable & accessories 10 4-packs of electrodes
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The mTrigger is a portable device that provides EMG-based biofeedback testing, training, and tracking through a mobile interface. sEMG (surface electromyography) biofeedback provides information about muscle activity that facilitates neuromuscular re-education by teaching an individual to better activate or inhibit specific muscles as part of the rehabilitation process.

Who uses mTrigger and why?
  • PTs, OTs, ATs, and strength & conditioning coaches
  • Patients with muscular weakness & neurological inhibition
  • Those who need to improve voluntary contraction or recruitment patterns
  • To create engagement, accountability, and objectivity with patients
  • On any muscle of the body accessible via sEMG, including upper and lower extremities and core.
How does mTrigger work?
  1. Apply sensing electrodes to target muscle
  2. Connect to app over BlueTooth
  3. Set exercise parameters
  4. Perform & monitor exercise program
  5. Improve performance for better outcomes
mTrigger Features:
  • Free mobile software (iOS & Android compatible)
  • Dual-channel for multi-muscle monitoring
  • Objective testing helps demonstrate progress
  • Session data tracking
  • Gamification: Play motivates patients
  • Customizable sensing electrodes

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