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The M-401BT Urine Analyzer is a high-precision handheld instrument based on modern photoelectric and microprocessor technology for a clinical inspection of urine. The M-401BT Urine Analyzer analyzes urine samples through the use of compatible urine test strips. The test strips produce a chemical reaction that the machine reads and measures.

The user-friendly onscreen menu contains options for managing patient profiles and viewing test details. The M-401BT integrates with the smartphone app to wirelessly transfer measurement data to other devices via Bluetooth. Up to 500 test results can be stored and managed on the device.

After inserting a test strip into the machine’s test strip tray, pressing the “OK” button while viewing the main menu starts the test. A 60-second timer then begins and counts down while completing the test. After finishing the analysis test, the analyzer displays the measurement results on the color LCD.

Urine strip compatibility for the FL401 includes 10 items, 11 items, 12 items, and 14 items of test paper. Additional functions include auto-character input, audio prompts, RGB tricolor testing, and automatic storage of test data recordings. The built-in lithium-ion is rechargeable via USB or the included power adapter.

Glucose (GLU), Bilirubin (BIL), Specific Gravity (SG), Ketones (KET), Blood (BLO), Protein (PRO), Urobilinogen (URO), Nitrates (NIT), Leukocyte (LEU), Intravascular Contraction (VC), Ph Acidity (PH), Malonic Acidemia (MAL), Creatinine (CR) and Urinary Calcium (UCA) in urine can be tested by using special test strips.

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