Quick-Core tissue biopsy portfolio and Breast Localization products

Blue Ash, OH | April, 15th 2024 – Minerva Health Solutions, a pioneering distributor of medical supplies and devices is proud to distribute the Quick-Core tissue biopsy portfolios and Breast Localization products from IZI Medical. These two portfolio of products will enhance Minerva Health Solutions’s portfolio in women’s health.

The Quick-Core biopsy needles include several lengths and gauge sizes of the semi-automatic range, along with the introduction of a fully automatic device. The Quick-Core Auto, as an exceptional solution for all soft tissue biopsy needs, complements the overall offering which includes Quick-Core, Quick-Core Auto, and ColdCare Packs for biopsy sampling, as well as Kopans and X-Reidy Localization Wires for breast localization.

The Quick-Core Auto boasts three programmable firing modes for tissue sampling: automatic, delay, and zero-throw mode. It will be available in various combinations of gauges (ranging from 12G to 20G) and lengths (ranging from 6cm to 25cm), with or without coaxial needles.

Breast Localization products are designed for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions, including axillary lesions. The localization coil serves as a marker for the surgeon, while the EchoTip® needle enhances visibility under ultrasound. Together, they indicate the precise location of the lesion.

Minerva Health Solutions distributes the following products:

  • ColdCare Pack
  • Breast Localization Wires (Kopans and X-Reidy Wire)
  • Quick-Core Biopsy Needle
  • Needle Guides

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