360 Bipolar Micro-Coagulation Forceps

SKU: 252-808-001

Style: Shaft, diameter 3mm, 360 Degrees rotatable
Working Length: 150mm

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The state-of-the-art 360 Bipolar Micro-Coagulation Forceps to comply with the demand of the surgeons for bipolar Micro Forceps with a small diameter of 3mm and using bipolar electricity.
These bipolar forceps can be used in the field of Ear Nose and Throat or in any other operations with very limited access to larger instruments. The large variety of jaws allows the surgeon to use his preferred jaw design. To comply with the demand of hygienists for easy cleaning and sterilization we added a disposable single-use cleaning and flushing tube, which allows the surgeon a better view during surgeries.


  • For operations with difficult accessible operation areas

  • Bipolar technology for maximum patient safety

  • Various popular electrode inserts are available

  • Ergonomic, surgeon-friendly handle design

  • 3-piece take-apart system with an additional single-use cleaning and flushing tube

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