3M Kerramax Care Gentle Border Dressing

SKU: PRD500-1174

Size: 4 X 4in (10 X 10cm)
Packaging: 10/bx

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Presenting 3M‚Ñ¢ Kerramax Care‚Ñ¢ Gentle Border Super-Absorbent Dressings, an innovative solution designed to effectively manage wound exudate while prioritizing patient comfort. These dressings feature a unique wicking layer that efficiently disperses both serous and viscous fluids throughout the dressing, ensuring optimal absorption capacity and preventing bulking.

Exudate, along with bacteria and MMPs, is effectively locked away to foster an ideal environment for wound healing. Secured with an outer foam layer and gentle silicone adhesive border, these dressings provide reliable protection and adherence.

Powered by Exu-Safe™ technology integrated into the dressings’ core, they excel in absorbing and retaining moderate to high levels of fluid away from the wound bed, safeguarding delicate tissues and minimizing the risk of maceration, even under compression. Additionally, a heat-sealed border prevents leakage, while a soft, non-woven wound contact layer enhances patient comfort throughout the healing process. With 3M™ Kerramax Care™ Gentle Border Dressings, superior wound care and comfort are assured.

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