HS5400-BP Bipolar Hystero-Resectoscope Set

SKU: HS5400-BP

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AED HS5400-BP Bipolar Hystero-Resectoscope Set

Set Includes:

  • (1)¬†AED HW5410-BP¬†Bipolar Working Element

  • (1)¬†AED HW5400¬†Continuous Flow Inner-Outer Sheath, 22FR

  • (1)¬†AED 111260BC-V¬†HF-Bipolar Resectoscope Cable, Valleylab

  • (3)¬†AED 32-4240BP¬†Bipolar Cutting Loops, 22FR

For Use with 2.9mm AED 5729BL-H Hysteroscope

22FR Continuous Flow

360 Degree Rotation

Compatible with 26020BA Hysteroscope

Endoscope Is NOT Included

Obturator Is NOT Included


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