Ambu aScope 4 Cysto

Style: Standard Deflection
Packaging: 5/bx

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A flexible video cystoscopy system for office-based urology practices to improve workflow, staff efficiency, and patient throughput without the need for significant capital investment, reprocessing, or repairs.

Maximize your cystoscopy volume with the aScope advantage:

  • Single-use flexible cystoscope — sterile and patient-ready out of the package
  • Affordable, high performance, all-in-one HD display easily placed in or moved to any exam room
  • Connects to standard fluid tubing and works with a wide variety of common instruments

Eliminate traditional expenses and equipment challenges in your practice:

  • No bulky towers
  • No light sources
  • No repairs
  • No loaners
  • No service plans
  • No accidental damage concerns
  • No leak testing
  • No caustic chemicals

Bending angle 210° up, 120° down

Working length 390 mm (15.4”)

Insertion cord outer diameter 16.2 Fr / 5.4 mm

Minimum instrument channel width 6.6 Fr / 2.2 mm

The aScope 4 Cysto has been designed to be used with:

  • Irrigation set (line and sterile water or saline bag) with Luer connection
  • Syringe and other Luer connecting accessories
  • Endoscopic accessories labeled for use in a minimum working channel size of (ID) 2.0 mm/ 6.0 Fr or less*
  • Holmium YAG laser (2.1 microns wavelength)
  • High-frequency surgical equipment fulfilling EN 60601-2-2.0 to keep high-frequency leakage currents within allowed limits, the maximum sinus peak voltage level of the electrosurgical unit shall not exceed 2.2 kVp

 *There is no guarantee that instruments selected solely using this minimum working channel size will be compatible in combination. Compatibility of selected instruments should be tested before the procedure

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