Basic Set for vasovasostomy

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Our Basic Set for vasovasostomy consists of three instruments and one double clamps approximator. All our instruments are ceramic coated which ensures durability, sharpness, and precision. The microsurgical aluminum instrument sterilization tray protects your delicate microsurgical instruments during reprocessing.

No substitutions. Made in Germany.

Description Length Qty
Double Clamps Approximator, Adjustable Vessell Diam 1.0-2.2mm  Ceramic Coated
Duo-Needle Holder curved 0.3mm and Microscissor straight 10mm blade Ceramic Coated 16cm/6.3" 1
Micro Vessel dilators 0.2mm tip Ceramic Coated 15cm/6" 1
Micro Forceps with GRS System with platform straight 0.1mm tip Ceramic Coated 15cm/6" 1
Microsurgical aluminum instrument sterilization tray with base, lid, and silicone finger mat 6 1/2'' W x 8 1/4'' L x 3/4'' H 1

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