BiPOstyle Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps - Straight

SKU: 700-601-711

Length: 110 mm
Width of tips: point 0.3 mm
Tips: straight
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Perfect thermal conductibility with the Bipolar Non-Stick Forceps

By using a polished noble material with excellent thermal properties for the forceps’ tip, the undesirable effect of sticking tissue is now completely eliminated, and non-stop working is ensured.

The polished noble metal forceps tips offer excellent thermal conductibility which prevents the sticking of tissue. The non-stick effect is permanently ensured, as the tips are made of solid noble metal. Even when redressing the surface and after frequent sterilization, the nonsticking properties will be retained.

The resistant and well-proven isolation coating resists principally every highly alkaline cleaning agents, this ensures the electrical safety of the instrument reliably.

A wide fluted handling surface for safe handling and convenient working without getting tired. Except for the tips, the entire instrument is made of hardened stainless steel. This ensures a consistent optimum spring tension.

The plastic safety plugs enclose the complete connection area, even between the contact surfaces, in order to avoid the deposit of impurities in areas that are difficult to access.

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