Circumcision Instruments Set

SKU: 140-254-125

Instruments: Halstead Mosquito Hemostat Forceps Straight 5″

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A circumcision set encompasses a range of essential surgical instruments designed for the precise and sterile execution of circumcision procedures. The set typically includes specialized surgical scissors, crafted with precision and sharpness to facilitate clean and accurate incisions during the removal of the foreskin. These scissors are specifically tailored to minimize tissue trauma and ensure a smooth surgical process.

Hemostatic forceps may also be part of the set, serving the critical function of controlling bleeding by clamping blood vessels during the procedure. The forceps are designed for a secure grip, enhancing the surgeon's ability to manage blood flow effectively.

Sterilization and cleaning instruments are integral components of the circumcision set to maintain a sterile surgical field. This ensures that the risk of infection is minimized during the procedure.

Furthermore, needle holders and suture materials may be included for the suturing phase after the circumcision is completed. These elements aid in the meticulous closure of the wound, promoting proper healing.

In conclusion, a circumcision set comprises specialized surgical scissors, hemostatic forceps, sterilization tools, needle holders, and suturing materials. Each instrument plays a crucial role in facilitating a controlled, sterile, and successful circumcision procedure.

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