ColdCare - Post-breast Biopsy

SKU: CP1002

Packaging: 25/bx

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ColdCare™ Packs offer the perfect solution for those seeking convenient, discreet pain relief. These low-profile gel pads outlast traditional ice or chemical packs, providing effective relief for up to three times longer. Designed to fit seamlessly beneath clothing, ColdCare™ Packs deliver soothing comfort without drawing attention. With the added benefit of being reusable, patients can simply refreeze them for continued use. Ideal for post-breast biopsy discomfort, ColdCare™ Packs also prove valuable in various aspects of mammography, interventional radiology, and ultrasound procedures, offering prolonged relief and versatility.

  • Provides 30 – 45 minutes of soothing pain relief
  • Can be worn under clothing without being noticed
  • Gel pads conform to the body even when frozen
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Latex free

3” Diameter Gel packs

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