Curalymph Compression - Lymph Flow Wire-Free Front Closure

Size: S
Color: White
Material: 50% Nylon - 38% Silicone - 11% Spandex - 1% Polypropylene

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The Amoena Lymph Care Concept supports patients after breast cancer treatment with mild lymphatic disease in the thoracic/chest area.

The CuraLymph Compression line complements the existing portfolio and cares for the patient, in accordance with established medical guidelines. Medical compression supports the lymphatic drainage by increasing interstitial pressure in the thoracic wall or chest. External pressure, in combination with movement of the thoracic area, has a positive effect on reducing the protein-rich lymph, as this pressure activates the lymphangiomotor system.

Indication for CuraLymph compression products

Damage to the venous/lymphatic vascular function/structure of the thorax and/or mamma (e.g., postoperative/posttraumatic, congestion due to immobilization) with mild to moderate swelling, mild to moderate risk of edema, feeling of heaviness, edema reduction and relief of discomfort and pain.

Features | Benefits

  • Innovative bonding technology.¬†

    Provides flat seams and prevents cutting in and does not hinder the superficial lymphatic system. This fabric, combined with the bonding technology, results in an increased stiffness of the bra, ideal for maintaining pressure on the body from the outside
  • Wide shoulder straps. Ensures a high level of comfort, relief of shoulders, avoids digging into the skin through fabric; does not impede lymphatic drainage
  • Medically effective pressure. Supports the lymphatic drainage by increasing interstitial pressure on the thoracic wall or chest
  • Innovative SensElast technology on rear and side panels. 3D printing technology joined with a bonding technology creates a textured pattern. In interaction with the movement of the body it creates a light massage effect. Ideal for supporting lymphatic flow and loosening of fibrous tissue
  • High cut sides and back. An increased level of comfort with more support
  • Pre-formed cups and seamlessly integrated pockets. Holds breast forms and shapers securely in place and conceals unevenness
  • Front closure with zipper and magnetic closure. For easier handling, ideal for patients with sensory issues or neuropathy in the fingers
  • Length adjustment with hook and loop fastener on the straps. Easy to adjust with a soft and very thin¬† hook and loop fastener; lays flat and isn‚Äòt bulky under clothing

    Expert Tip

    Lymph Flow Wire-Free is suitable for breast edema, or if the swelling requires an increased compression. Through daily wear and washing, the material adapts to the body.

    SensElast® 3D technology is an innovative method that gives structure to the material on the sides and back. The elevations lie gently on the skin and provide a massage effect – in conjunction with the movement of the body.

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