Curasupport Compression - Sina Post-Surgical Bra

Size: 32/34 - Universal Cup
Material: 98% Nylon - 2% Spandex
Color: White

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Amoena is aware of the special circumstances during this time and has developed bras especially for the first phase after surgery – to provide individual care for women according to their needs.

Compression garments are designed to keep the post-surgical breast(s) immobile and/or stabilized during the healing phase after breast surgery.

Important to know! Compression garments:

  • May support wound healing after breast surgery
  • May stabilize the shape and function of the operated breast
  • May protect sensitive scar tissue and reduce irritation
  • May minimize the risk of postoperative edema
  • May reduce postoperative swelling/pain


  • Underbust 12-14 mmHg; 17-20 mmHg when worn and fastened
  • Keeps the breast supported and secure with specific compression zones in the lower cup area
  • Specific pressure zones apply light pressure to the side and back sections to encourage lymphatic drainage and support the healing process


  • Reconstruction with implants (best worn with a compression belt)

  • Reconstruction ‚Äì tissue transfer ‚Ä¢ Partial mastectomy
  • Lumpectomy

Features | Benefits

  • Seamless circular knit technology. Skin heals without additional irritation
  • Medium compression. Secures and supports the breast and wound site through medium pressure
  • Knitted, seamless universal cups.¬†Secures and supports the operated breast with¬†even pressure on the cup area
  • Seamless sewn-in securing ring around the pre-formed cup. To secure the breast without applying pressure
  • Seamlessly integrated pockets. To securely hold breast forms and shapers in place
  • Hook and eye front closure.

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