Disposable Colposcopy Set

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Style: Standard

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030090  Disposable Colposcopy Set
030091  Disposable Colposcopy Set with Rotating Biopsy Punch
030092  Disposable Colposcopy Set with Tischler Biopsy Punch
030093  Disposable Colposcopy Set with Baby Tischler Biopsy Punch

Prep and clean-up times are virtually eliminated. The kit contain everything needed from PVP solution to a self lighted speculum which has an integrated battery-operated LED light. This ensures comfort for the patient and optimized visibility for the practitioner.

1. Large plastic tray, 10.5”x12.3“x1”…..1
2. Small plastic tray, 5.3”x4.8”x 2”…..1
3. Disposable LED Speculum…..1
4. Cervical dilator/Os finder…..1
5. Endocervical curette, curved…..1
6. Tenaculum, Pozzy…..1
7. Cherron Forceps…..1
8. Monsel’s solution, 8mL…..1
9. Cotton swab, 8”…..2
10. Sanitary napkin…..1
11. Sterile gauze…..2
12. Over wrap, 30”x30”…..1
13. Sponge swab…..2

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