Fertility Assessment Aspirette Endocervical Aspirator

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Packaging: 25/bx

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The Aspirette Endocervical Aspirator is a single-use, sterile, disposable, plastic aspirating catheter for sampling the contents of the endocervical canal. The device consists of a clear, flexible, polypropylene sheath (A) that is 23.5 cm in length with a 3.1 mm OD (outside diameter) and a 2.6 mm ID (inside diameter). The sheath is marked with a graduated scale in centimeter intervals starting at 2 cm and ending at 10 cm distance from its distal tip. These markings indicate both the depth of insertion of the sheath into the endocervical canal and the amount of aspirate obtained during use. The extreme distal tip of the sheath is smoothly shouldered and has a 2 mm diameter circular opening (B) that is a direct axis portal to the lumen of the sheath.

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