GoGirl Female Urination Device (FUD)

Color: Lavender
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Patented Design. Easy & Convenient

The unique funnel shape of the GoGirl™ was designed to contour to the female anatomy and create a natural seal when positioned correctly. The GoGirl™ has a lip which prevents overflow and leaks. The tip of the GoGirl™ allows for liquid to “spiral” which creates a steady stream so you don't have to worry about spraying or splashing. The GoGirl™ is hypoallergenic, soft, flexible, durable, repels liquid and is odor resistant. GoGirl™ is easy to keep clean. You'll be surprised to find out that with the help of gravity and the texture of medical-grade silicone, almost nothing is left behind.

  • GoGirl is a female urination device or female urinal that is made in the USA and is produced in an FDA-registered facility using certified medical-grade silicone. Go Girl is latex and BPA-free. GoGirl is soft and flexible lightweight, foldable and very comfortable to use.
  • GoGirl is reusable & sustainable. After use simply wash with hot water and soap, allow to fully dry, then store in the traveling tube. If you do not have access to running water, we recommend using hand sanitizer or toss in the storage baggie and clean later when water and soap are available. The GoGirl is used externally, so there is no need to boil in water before hand.
  • GoGirl is travel friendly and come rolled up with a tissue and plastic baggie inside a reusable traveling tube. Easily fits in a pocket or purse so it is easy to carry. Great portable womens urinal funnel for travel.
  • GoGirl has a unique patented design to naturally form to your body to create a seal. The "tip" of the GoGirl allows for a steady stream. No splashing or spraying. After practicing a few times at home, standing to pee with GoGirl will become second nature.
  • Go Girl female urination device allows you to pee without a toilet or an injured female can pee standing up to avoid squatting.

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