CooperSurgical Her-Spec Lighted Vaginal Speculum

SKU: CO20500

Size: Small
Packaging: 16/bx

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Disposable, Bright Built-In Light, Batteries Pre-Installed Her-Spec utilizes a CLICK-FREE design that eliminates the clicking sound associated with the ratchet mechanism in other disposable vaginal specula. Ideal for clinics, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and physician offices.  Her-Spec is designed for use on women undergoing a procedure requiring vaginal access and exposure.

Product Features

  • Disposable, single-use device reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Each Her-Spec comes ready for use with an integrated  bright cordless LED light source
  • Single-use, battery-operated LED light source can produce peak light for 20+ minutes
  • Smooth locking feature allows clinicians to set blades to desired open position by pushing center tab to automatically lock  blades in place
  • Ergonomically designed handle with diamond grip for added comfort and maneuverability during exams
  • 105-degree angled handle creates extra space between clinician’s hand and patients’ body and/or exam table
  • Touch free battery removal feature allows users the option to easily eject batteries without contact after use

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