Hy-Tape Pre-Cut Single Use Tape Strips

SKU: HT1256

Size: 1.25 in x 6 in
Packaging: 25 packs of 4 Strips Per Box

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Hy-Tape is the industry standard for zinc oxide based, latex free, waterproof adhesives. Our rolls come in various widths for an array of applications, but to meet the needs of those who may enjoy the convenience of pre-cut lengths of tape or who travel and need tape on the go we are proud to offer Pre-Cut Strips.

Hy-Tape Strips are 1.25” x 6” pre-cut, single use tape strips are meant to expedite any taping application. The strips come in packs of 4 and have all the unique qualities that nurses, patients and caregivers have come to love. Faster and easier to use, patients can quickly secure their devices, picture frame wounds or ostomys without the need to tear from a roll or use scissors.

Hy-Tape brand of waterproof, zinc oxide-based adhesives include rolls of tape (The Original Pink Tape®), large patches, pre-cut strips, and kit rolls. Each deliver their unique qualities and benefits in both critical care and everyday situations, when it counts most.

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