Hypospadias Instruments Set

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Hypospadias is a birth defect that consists of having the hole of the urethra somewhere else other than the tip of the penis. Our Hypospadias Instruments set includes very fine serrated micro scissors, microneedle holders with 0.2mm tip, micro forceps straight and curved, vessel dilators, and dissecting sharp scissors. Most of our microsurgical instruments and scissors are Ceramic Coating. These instruments do not reflect light; their blades and tips last much longer than any other instruments on the market. 

No substitutions. Made in Germany.

Description Length Qty
Micro-Spring Scissors with Round-Handle straight pointed serrated 10m blade Ceramic Coated 150mm/6" 1
Micro Needle Holders with Round Handle Curved 0.2mm tip Ceramic Coated 150mm/6" 1
Micro Forceps with GRS System with platform straight 0.1 tip  150mm/6" 1
Micro Vessel Dilators 0.2mm tip 5mm jaw Ceramic Coated 150mm/6" 1
Micro Needle Holders with Round Handle - Feedler 0.4mm tip curved 150mm/6" 1
Halstead Mosquito hemostatic forceps serrated 130mm/5" 1
Stevens Ceracut Tenotomy Scissors, curved, blunt 110mm/4 3/4" 1
Ragnell Davis Retractor double-ended 8x4mm and 15x5.5mm 1
Guthrie Micro Skin Hook, 2 prongs, sharp 120mm/4 3/4" 1
Iris Ceracut scissors sharp curved 115mm/4 1/2" 1
Adson Tissue Forceps, 1x2 teeth, serrated 120mm/4 3/4" 1
Mayo Ceracut scissors straight blunt 145mm/5 3/4" 1
Knapp iris/utility scissors, straight, sharp tips, ring handle 120mm/4 3/4" 1
Webster Straight needle holder, smooth 130mm, 5 1/8" 1
#3 knife handle, for blades 10, 11, 12 and 15, with ruler markings, flat handle 130mm/5"
Castroviejo Caliper, with locking screw 0-20mm, 85mm 1
Wire lid Barraquer 10mm blade 1
Bishop forceps, 1x2 teeth straight, 0.3mm tip 85mm/3 1/3" 1
Microsurgical plastic instrument sterilization tray, double-level, deep base, insert tray, lid, and 2 silicone finger mats, accommodates 25 to 30 instruments 6'' W x 10'' L x 1 1/2'' H



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