LoFric® Hydro-Kit all-in-one catheter system

SKU: 42308403

Length: 8"
Type: Female
Size: 8 Fr

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The all-in-one-solution – safe and easy to use anywhere

LoFric® Hydro-KitTM is truly an all-in-one catheter system. It includes a catheter with water and an integrated urine collection bag. Wheelchair users find it particularly convenient, and its collection bag also makes it ideal for bedridden patients in need of post-op bladder emptying. LoFric Hydro-Kit offers the freedom and reassurance to catheterize safely wherever the user is, whenever needed, whether toilet facilities are available or not. Available in sizes for men, women and children.

  • Water sachet with sterile water. Fold and press to activate.¬†

  • Graduated collection bag, 1000 ml.¬†

  • Use the loop to hang the bag or insert your thumb to hold it.¬†

  • Emptying option. Tear to empty the bag.¬†

  • Option to separate catheter from collection bag.¬†

  • Urotonic‚Ñ¢ Surface Technology for low friction and maximum comfort.¬†

  • Insertion guide. A firm grip without needing to touch the catheter with your fingers.¬†

  • Smooth catheter eyes.¬†

  • Catheter tip comes in two different types: rounded (Nelaton) and tapered (Tiemann/Coud√©).¬†

  • Not manufactured with natural rubber latex.

Box of 30 or Case of 60.

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