LoFric Origo - Hydrophilic single-use catheter

SKU: 4420840

Length: 12"
Type: Pediatric
Size: 8 Fr

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User-friendly and safe, in a smart package

LoFric Origo is a user-friendly hydrophilic single-use catheter that enables you to empty your bladder completely. It is discreetly packaged and foldable to pocket size, making LoFric Origo easy to carry and use wherever you go. 

LoFric Origo was developed in close cooperation with users and healthcare professionals.

Key features of LoFric Origo

  • Urotonic‚Ñ¢ Surface Technology: The catheter remains smooth and safe during both insertion and withdrawal.¬†

  • Discreet design: The package doubles as a disposable pouch.

  • Fits in a pocket: Foldable to pocket size and easy to bring along.

  • Instant activation - always fresh: All it takes is a gentle squeeze to activate the catheter for use.

  • Easy to open: The convenient peel-open label makes it easy to open and access the activated catheter.

  • Adhesive tab for convenient hanging: For reliable attachment to any dry and clean surface

  • Hygienic and easy to handle: The adjustable Insertion Grip gives control without having to touch the catheter tube during insertion. This means lower the risk of contaminating the catheter, which minimizes the risk of infection.

Box of 30 or Case of 120.

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