Lone Star® Microvascular Breast Surgery Retractor System and Elastic Stays

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Category: Disposable Retractor Ring Specifications
Item: Sterile plastic - 25.3 cm x 11.3 cm
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Providing exceptional visibility and access for microvascular breast surgery procedures.

The Lone Star Retractor System offers simple, intuitive retraction at the surgical site designed to optimize access to patient anatomy and improve visibility. Highly flexible, the system can be used with or without a wide variety of accompanying stays that can be repositioned to reveal additional layers as the surgery progresses. Lone Star Retractor System elastic stays are used in an array of microvascular breast procedures.

  • DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap
  • TUG (transverse upper gracilis) flap
  • PAP (profunda artery perforator) flap
  • ALT (anterolateral thigh) flap
  • LTP (lateral thigh perforator) flap

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