MyOnyx 4-Channel Encoder System - Clinical

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MyOnyx is a compact and rechargeable device designed for surface EMG biofeedback and electrostimulation. Offering three convenient functionality modes, it adapts to your needs seamlessly: it can function independently, be controlled remotely via an Android device, or managed through PC software compatible with Windows.

Our device, crafted by therapists for therapists, embodies the latest evidence-based principles of motor learning, neuroplasticity, and patient-centered care. Unlike rigid solutions, MyOnyx empowers clinicians to tailor treatments according to individual needs, fostering a dynamic and personalized approach to rehabilitation.

With MyOnyx, access to a diverse range of modalities is at your fingertips, featuring state-of-the-art advanced features:

  • Electrostimulation: Benefit from four channels of fully customizable and powerful stimulation.

  • SEMG Surface Electromyography: Utilize two channels of 2048s/s raw signal, offering a multitude of feedback options such as games, music, and animations. Review, edit, and generate reports with ease, enabling precise measurement of patient muscle activation efforts and facilitating relaxation, activation, or fine motor control through biofeedback.

  • ETS EMG-Triggered Stimulation: Harness this cutting-edge modality to encourage active patient engagement. By rewarding effort with movement through electrostimulation once a set threshold is reached, MyOnyx promotes neuroplasticity, facilitating rehabilitation progress.

In summary, MyOnyx provides therapists with a comprehensive toolkit to deliver effective and tailored treatments, enhancing patient outcomes and rehabilitation success.


  • Standalone mode

  • Remote Control mode

  • PC Control Model


  • 1 MyOnyx device

  • 4 EMG/STIM 2 lead cables with DIN connectors

  • 1 patient drive lead

  • Medical grade power supply

  • 4 DIN to snap adapters

  • Electrode samples (3 Unigel & 1 AxelGaard STIM electrode)

  • MyOnyx hardware manual

  • MyOnyx App (Available on¬†Google Play)

  • BioGraph Infiniti & Developer Tools

  • MyOnyx Rehab Solution

Hardware Specs:
  • Wireless connectivity to Android tablets and Windows PCs via Bluetooth

  • 8 GB of internal memory to save client sessions and custom protocols

  • 4 inputs with multiple combinations of SEMG and ESTIM channels

    • Inputs A & B can be set for EMG or STIM

    • Inputs C & D are for STIM only

  • Separate patient drive lead for shared ground

  • Comes with preset ESTIM programs

  • Dual Exercise mode allows you to run two STIM programs at the same time

  • Allows users to edit/customize ESTIM programs

  • Ability to run STIM sessions without selecting a client (tap and go)

  • Inside the device, raw EMG is sampled 2048 times/second

    • In the Android app, EMG is displayed in RMS

    • The MyOnyx Rehab Solution can display EMG raw or RMS

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