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Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common complications of diabetes, potentially leading to loss of sensation, foot ulcerations, and eventually amputation¹.

Treatment of these complications can be expensive² yet many are avoidable³, making early identification and intervention key to improving patient outcomes and reducing health costs.Neuropen® is the only peripheral neuropathy screening device incorporating both pressure and sharpness tests, giving clinicians a simple, compact solution for testing large and small nerve fibers in the foot. Peripheral neuropathy cannot be excluded without regular foot screening in conjunction with symptomatic and clinical assessments.

Neuropen®is an effective aid to this screening programme, meeting and exceeding current practices by being the first dual-purpose, pocket-sized device designed to provide a safe and reliable test.

How Neuropen® works

  • The Neuropen® is a reusable device that can deliver:
    A 10g pressure test using Neuropen Monofilaments® to assess any reduction in sensation in the tested area.
  • A 40g sharpness test using Neurotips® single-use neurological examination pins, to assess reduced sensation to sharpness/pain in small nerve fibers.

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