Non-adherent sponges and patties

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Size mm: 6x6
Packaging: 10/PK 20PK/CS
Shape: Square
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It’s not’s the Best! Petipad can soak up to eight times its own weight in body fields - significantly more than any surgical sponge on the market. The sponge readily conforms to tissue contours and, once applied, remains in place and does not tend to resume its original shape. At the same time, it does not adhere to body tissues and can be easily removed. All Petipads come with a counting card that makes it easy to verify and count all patties used during the procedure.

  • Smooth surface
  • Non-adherent on both sides to the underlying surface
  • Highly conforming to tissue contour when moistened
  • X-ray Detectable Pad and Identification string
  • String incorporated into the surface of the pad
  • Highly pliable
  • Highly absorbent
  • No Linting - debris free
  • The sponge is soft when dry too.
  • Sterile

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