PediaTape 3710-16051 Pediatric Emergency Measuring Tape

SKU: 3710-16051

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Introducing the 2023 edition of Pediatape, the essential pediatric emergency reference tool for EMS providers, hospitals, nurses, and paramedics. Designed for quick and efficient use during emergencies, Pediatape offers alphabetical organization and intuitive readability, aligning seamlessly with the Broselow system.

Stay updated with the latest PALS guidelines from October 2020, ensuring adherence to the most current protocols. Our tape includes comprehensive equipment settings and provides weight-based, length-based, and age-based lookup functionalities. Plus, simplify conversions with our handy table for switching between pounds and kilograms.

Built for durability and safety, Pediatape is compatible with medical equipment cleaners for hassle-free disinfection. Trusted by thousands of EMS practitioners for nearly a decade, it's sold directly to hospitals and EMS by reputable medical distributors.

Enjoy expanded options with more medications, equipment, and concentrations compared to competing products. Experience the convenience of precise mL measurements for common resuscitation medication concentrations. Our color-coded system is based on industry-standard codes, ensuring accuracy in length measurement and weight estimation.

Pediatape is your reliable companion in pediatric emergencies, offering enhanced compatibility with the Broselow system, intuitive design, and robust features to support efficient and effective care. Crafted from durable synthetic paper, it's built to withstand the rigors of demanding medical environments.


Compatible with the Broselow Tape.

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