Peezy Midstream Clean Catch - Urine Specimen Container

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Urine is an essential tool used in routine medical evaluations, assessing symptoms, monitoring disease progression, and diagnosing medical conditions. 

Peezy Midstream is designed to obtain a midstream clean-catch sample helping reduce specimen contamination leading to more accurate results, diagnosis, and treatment.

Reliable, contamination-free samples are essential in obtaining accurate results for the proper diagnosis and treatment and to avoid unnecessary repeat testing.

Accurate urine specimens are essential to the accurate diagnoses and treatment of myriad routine and more serious conditions. Peezy Midstream has been granted assigned HCPCS Code: A4327.

Peezy Midstream is the world’s first technology to deliver integrity to urine-based medicine and can help tackle huge health inequalities across the USA.
Stats and data relating to urine collection in the USA:

  • 277m urines sent for analysis annually

  • 20% is the average contamination rate

  • 55.2m failed analyses at $13 each

The annual cost of unreliable specimens to US health providers and insurers is an estimated $517m, 46% of which is not reimbursed.
Evidence from Loyola Chicago University Stritch School of Medicine confirms that Peezy Midstream delivers a superior quality midstream urine specimen and can be downloaded here.

Failure to diagnose and treat will lead to chronic conditions that are far more difficult to manage for healthcare providers and patients alike.

The USA has an average 20% contamination rate of urine specimens and we estimate could save US Health insurers around $14bn in retest payments.

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