Radiolucent Papoose Board MRI Safe - Regular (2-5 Years Old)

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Radiolucent Papoose Board MRI Safe - Regular (2-5 Years Old) is unique because they are radiolucent. Other papoose boards contain metal which will artifact during diagnostic imaging procedures. If you need to temporarily restrain a patient while taking an X-ray our metal-free papoose board will not artifact on your image.

  • Complete Set Includes: 1 Board, 1 Padded Three Tier Flap Set, 1 Padded Head Strap, 4 Arm/Wrist Straps

  • Regular Papoose Board Weight: 4 lbs

  • Regular Papoose Board Dimensions: 37" L x 11" Wide (at widest point)

  • Latex Free

  • MRI Safe

  • Immobilize in 60 seconds

  • Hanging Hole for Easy Storage

  • Country of Origin: United States of America

Papoose Boards work on the proven splint principle of binding the child to a rigid board to suppress struggling. The board is quickly and easily applied using three sets of opposing canvas flaps with VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners that fold over the child's body. The diagonal shape of the board allows the flaps to crisscross, providing a snug-fitting restraint. The four-arm/wrist straps can be used for additional arm immobilization within the straps or when the torso strap is to be open. An adjustable head strap is also included for use in stabilizing the child's head. (An optional separate head immobilizer is also available).

Papoose Boards are less alarming than other comparable restraints. The child is immobilized so quickly and securely that futile struggling is discouraged. Unlike manual restraints, the Papoose Board does not cast the caregiver in the role of being the infant's antagonist. The child is held safely, cannot escape, and is protected from self-injury.

Selective restraint is a unique Papoose Board feature. Any of the pairs of flaps may be opened while the child is still held securely by the remaining flaps and/or head and arm straps. This permits the exposure of any area of the infant's body while maintaining restraint and control. Universal Medical Radiolucent Papoose Boards are indispensable aids in thousands of hospitals, and doctors' and dentists' offices.

CAUTIONS: Use the restraint only under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner and only when medically necessary for the safety and protection of the patient. Use the Board only for temporary restraint never for continuous or long-term restraint. Make sure the restraint does not impair the patients breathing or circulation, or cause overheating or positional injuries.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is designed for use in medical and dental settings and can not be shipped to residential addresses.

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