Rhinopinch Nasal/Nose Clips, First Aid For Nose Bleeds (Epistaxis)

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The RhinoPinch is a cushioned, adjustable plastic clip designed to fit the nose snugly and comfortably, it applies pressure to the area just below the bridge of the nose in order to stop the flow of blood during an anterior nosebleed (Epistaxis) and is simple enough to be used by anyone for first aid at home, work or in school.

The RhinoPinch removes the need for the person with the nose bleed to apply pressure themselves and keep their arm elevated for a period of time.

The RhinoPinch is not suitable for posterior nose bleeds, these should be treated by a clinician. A posterior bleed takes place higher up the nose and the blood may flow into the throat, the RhinoPinch clips over the area lower down the nose where anterior nose bleeds take place, just below the bridge of the nose.

Most nose bleeds are anterior.

Benefits of the RhinoPinch Nasal Clip

  • Stops nose bleeds (Epistaxis) quickly and effectively.
  • Removes the risk of damage to the nostrils.
  • Meets infection control requirements.
  • Settles the patient‚Äôs distress quickly.
  • Safe to use from age 7 or above
  • Fits all ranges of nasal sizes.

The RhinoPinch Nasal Clip is a simple, single-patient disposable device, fits all range of nasal sizes; with non-latex nasal pads to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

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