S/he*Pak Cooling Device: Innovative Ice Pack Solution for Pelvic Floor Pain

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When pelvic tissues are inflamed they need to be iced or cooled, just like any other joint or muscle. S/he*Pak offers a clean, safe, and dignified way to relieve discomfort.

S/he*Pak is similar to an ice pack but is specially designed for pelvic floor relief. It’s made from materials that are comfortable and safe, helping you feel better faster. See its thoughtful features to the right!

S/he*Pak’s unique design cools both the internal and external tissues and allows you to easily hold, insert, and remove the device in order to provide relief for pelvic discomfort. Use S/he*Pak any time you are experiencing pelvic discomfort like swelling, itching, burning, or pain caused by:

  • Yeast or bacterial infections

  • Vaginal child delivery

  • Period of increased sexual intimacy

  • Sexual intimacy in post-menopausal people

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Patients taking certain chemotherapies

  • Interstitial cystitis

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