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Size: Supra-Foley® Introducer - 16/18 Fr (orange shield)
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The Supra-Foley® is a suprapubic catheter introducer designed for ease of use and control during bladder drainage.

Urinary drainage via the suprapubic route is recognized as an effective method of bladder drainage that causes fewer complications compared to urethral catheterization, including a reduced incidence of infection and trauma, a reduced risk of catheter blockage and less patient inconvenience. The Supra-Foley® is designed for easy, controllable suprapubic catheter introduction.

Supra-Foley® design benefits:

  • Sharp stainless steel tip is integral to the trocar, providing increased control during introducer penetration.

  • Precise cannula and trocar integration provide smooth tract dilation with minimal excoriation.

  • Integrated urine flashback lumen provides immediate feedback upon bladder access, minimizing the risk of a posterior bladder puncture.

  • Cannula is locked into trocar handle to maintain introducer integrity during insertion, yet quickly unlocks for trocar removal.

  • Color-coded protective shield ensures quick identification of introducer size.

  • Disposable trocar and cannula system provides consistent tip sharpness for reliable tactility during insertion.

  • Unlike reusable introducers, will not develop sharp edges that can cause unnecessary tissue damage or compromise catheter integrity.

  • Available in 16 Fr and 12 Fr sizes, accommodating catheter sizes from 18 Fr to 10 Fr.

  • Contains no Latex or DEHP.

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