Resectoscope Electrodes

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Showing 1 - 24 of 63 products
Wolf 8428.1320 Cutting Loop,  28FrWolf 8428.1320 Cutting Loop,  28Fr
Storz 27123L Angled Cutting Loop
Storz 27054NJ-S 22-Gauge Injection Needle
Storz 27123K Straight Cold Knife
Storz 27050VM Spike Electrode,  3mmStorz 27050VM Spike Electrode,  3mm
Storz 27050RK Roller Electrode,  3mmStorz 27050RK Roller Electrode,  3mm
Storz 27050RG Rollerball Electrode,  5mmStorz 27050RG Rollerball Electrode,  5mm
Storz 27050MK Rollerball Electrode,  5mmStorz 27050MK Rollerball Electrode,  5mm
Storz 27050M Rollerball Electrode,  3mmStorz 27050M Rollerball Electrode,  3mm
Storz 27050G Disposable Resectoscope Loop
Storz 27050F Loop Electrode,  27FrStorz 27050F Loop Electrode,  27Fr
Storz 27040WF Vapor Electrode,  24FrStorz 27040WF Vapor Electrode,  24Fr
Storz 27040VG Spike Electrode,  5mmStorz 27040VG Spike Electrode,  5mm
Storz 27040SG Vapor Electrode,  24FrStorz 27040SG Vapor Electrode,  24Fr
Storz 27040SF Vapor Electrode,  27FrStorz 27040SF Vapor Electrode,  27Fr
Storz 27040RG Roller Electrode,  5mm
Storz 27040NK Rollerball Electrode,  5mmStorz 27040NK Rollerball Electrode,  5mm
Storz 27040N Rollerball Electrode,  3mmStorz 27040N Rollerball Electrode,  3mm
Storz 27040M Cutting Loop,  27FrStorz 27040M Cutting Loop,  27Fr

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