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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
HF-Bipolar Resectoscope Cable,  Erbe-VioHF-Bipolar Resectoscope Cable,  Erbe-Vio
22Fr Bipolar Electrode Cutting Loop22Fr Bipolar Electrode Cutting Loop
22Fr Bipolar Ball Electrode 22Fr22Fr Bipolar Ball Electrode 22Fr
22Fr Bipolar Barrel Electrode 22Fr22Fr Bipolar Barrel Electrode 22Fr
HF-Bipolar Resectoscope Cable,  ValleylabHF-Bipolar Resectoscope Cable,  Valleylab
Hystero Resectoscope 22Fr Cutting Loop
Hystero Resectoscope 22Fr Roller Ball
Hystero Resectoscope 22Fr Roller Barrel
Hystero Resectoscope Hi-Frequency CableHystero Resectoscope Hi-Frequency Cable
HS5400 Hystero ResectoscopeHS5400 Hystero Resectoscope
HS5400 Hystero Resectoscope
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